Monday, August 21, 2006

Beavis And Butthead: War of Stupidity

Hey ahhh.... Beavis look at the news.. ahhh... what is piss process? ahhh...
-- ahrr.. that's peace process, Dumb-Ass!

This war sucks... ahhh... Do you think this Katyusha chick is hot?
--Ahrr... Yeah.. She's a bomb!


Blogger Karridine said...

Well done! I LIKE your style!

I would be honored if you were to use some of my MP3s on your site, they complement your work perfectly!

Like: "Its In the Koran!"
"Aloha Snackbar, Resort to Terror!"
"GIMP", "Gaza Picnic",

...and others, but more importantly, custom-recorded one-sided or two-way dialogues/conversations between Nasrallah and (whoever)... to hold him up to ridicule, humiliate and deflate him!

What say you, Man of the West?
karridine AT

22/8/06 05:22  
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