Monday, September 04, 2006

Romantic Song: Infidel Pig-Dogs

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This was on David Letterman's late show.
It starts as a nice romantic song, it touched letterman, then he asked paul, his band leader, if he knows this song and if he could sing it to him.

What if finding the love of your life
Meant changing the life that you love?
What if listening to your heart
Meant losing what you’re dreaming of?
What if all that you want to do
Is to drive out your mortal foe?
But the Godless American jackals
Refuse to let you go?

Oh infidels . . . you infidel.. you infidel pigheaded foes...
This is your warning . . . this is our jihad . . .

Oh infidels . . . you infidel pig dogs,
Prepare for the wrath of God

Lyrics by Cat Stevens who changed his name to Yusuf Islam.


Blogger noochinator said...

Are these lyrics really by Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens? Or did Letterman embellish? And if so, what song is their parody based on? Thanks!

12/8/12 22:34  

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