Friday, August 25, 2006

Learn Photoshop with Adnan Hajj

The new book by Adnan Hajj:

After the big success of the last best-seller book Hezbollah published - "Jihad for Dummies", one of our main propagandists at Reuters, Adnan Hajj has published his version to the Adobe Photoshop book.
-On this version you'll find tips for both photoshop editing and live scenery manipulation.
-Great advices on how to stage entire scenes from guest writer Green Helmet Guy.
-How to use every photoshop tool to create digital disasters (might get you fired).

Must have book for professional photographers who don't get a break, this will help!
Already in use at Reuters - world wide news agency.
Order your copy now..


Blogger Brooke said...

This is great! I will post it to my blog, all credit due, of course, if you don't mind!

27/8/06 02:04  
Blogger Hassan said...

Enjoy it.

27/8/06 03:09  

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