Friday, August 25, 2006

Jihad For Dummies

This is the new 'Jihad For Dummies' book (1st Edition).

The Islamic al-Khasba website has published on August 4 a document titled "How to Kill a Crusader on the Arabian Peninsula"..
[reported by MEMRI]

-Tips on how to kill western infidels in Saudi.
-Best seller in 22 states (of the Arab league).
-Order your copy NOW! and you'll get a free shotgun.


Anonymous nick said...

Jihad for DUMMIES!
that cracked me up man..

nasralla, do you have any other publications that we might not know about?

25/8/06 17:04  
Blogger Brooke said...

I think I saw Dhimmitude for Dummies at Sacred Cow a while back. They'd go perfectly together, don't you think?

25/8/06 17:43  
Blogger Hassan said...

brother nick, I did have another book comming as you can see it's now published. Adnan Hajj's book on Photoshop. and maybe in the future we'll publish some more.

and thanks for the reference Brooke, I'll look it up.

Hassan Nasralla

25/8/06 22:30  

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