Thursday, August 31, 2006

Knockout Punch To The Face

This is a picture from my Boxing days, before I entered Hezbollah Organization, as You can see I wasn't that good and took many Knockouts and punches to the head so now I can't remember what Fatima looks like. (Probably better this way).

BTW, today is my birthday and I celebrate in my bunker alone.. luckily I have my Flat Fatima to keep me company. she has one more use tonight.. if you know what I mean..

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hurricane Hassan

New sattelite images of Hurricane Hassan..

Last seen over southern Lebanon, caused damages to the entire area, more than a million are now homeless becuase of that hurricane.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Flat Fatima Is Here!

I ordered my very own Flat Fatima and it just came with special delivery to my bunker! I'm so excited, and going to try her right now!!

[as seen on green helmet guy's blog]

It has so many uses.. I know, I'll start with the white house scene from "Independence Day" and send it to bush as a warning.. :)

Ooooooops......... I forgot to remove the plastic wrapper first..

- Trying again... -

Let's see it now

Yes, that's what I'm talking about.. look at her all frightened to death.. Perfect!
I'm sure Bush will buy it and duck when he sees it..... LOL...
Now where have I put georgie's email address...?

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Belly Dancer as a Hoby

This is my new hoby.. I always liked watching belly-dancers, so I decided its time start practice it myself. Luckily Fatima was free to teach me.
Next time Assad comes to visit I'll dance for him myself instead of hiring some chick to do it, I just hope he'll like it, or else he's not going to supply me with new ammunition.

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Nasralla In Color [and Animated]

I didn't have much to eat in my bunker, I look like a SKELETOR!

He-man the zionist is in his F16, but don't you worry, I'll get him.

Run booboo... Run Green Helmet... C'mon!

We were just having an inocent picnic, why are they bombing here?
Look at the bascket, it's only food (and a few bombs and rockets..) it is not a reason to attack us out of the blue.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Sum of All Fears

Iran produced a new movie regarding their nuclear power, "The Sum of All Fears".
There are 27,000 nuclear weapons, if there will be only one Iranian...

Starring Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kofi Annan

Comming soon to your town!

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Nasrallah Song -Video

See The Lyrics Here
The Nasralla Song by Frishman and the Pioneers
view outside this blog

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Nasrallah Street Song -Video

Friday, August 25, 2006

Learn Photoshop with Adnan Hajj

The new book by Adnan Hajj:

After the big success of the last best-seller book Hezbollah published - "Jihad for Dummies", one of our main propagandists at Reuters, Adnan Hajj has published his version to the Adobe Photoshop book.
-On this version you'll find tips for both photoshop editing and live scenery manipulation.
-Great advices on how to stage entire scenes from guest writer Green Helmet Guy.
-How to use every photoshop tool to create digital disasters (might get you fired).

Must have book for professional photographers who don't get a break, this will help!
Already in use at Reuters - world wide news agency.
Order your copy now..

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Jihad For Dummies

This is the new 'Jihad For Dummies' book (1st Edition).

The Islamic al-Khasba website has published on August 4 a document titled "How to Kill a Crusader on the Arabian Peninsula"..
[reported by MEMRI]

-Tips on how to kill western infidels in Saudi.
-Best seller in 22 states (of the Arab league).
-Order your copy NOW! and you'll get a free shotgun.

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Something Is Not Kosher

Indian food? I wanna order some Chaat masala, does it come with a free swastica?
Make the order for Nasralla, yes 'The' Nasrallah...

Look, it's working!!
I knew if I try hard enough I can make budha dance to my flute!

This is way better than the jedi mind tricks.. for real..

[Jeruslam Post report on "Hitler's Cross" restaurant in india]

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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Before Hezbollah I served in the Klingon army.

Qapla' !!

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A Crappy Day

It's just one of those days....

You wish you didn't get out of bed..... Crap!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nasrallah Talks to The Big Guy

Brain-Surgery with Spoons was eavesdropping on my phone-call from the big-guy.

You can listen to the recording by downloading this MP3 file:
Nasrallah Gets A Call From The Big Guy! (285KB)

[ Turban Tip to Karridine of Brain-Surgery with Spoons ]

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A Plane For Sale

My flight was canceled for some reason...

I'm throwing a garage sale - Do you need a plane?

Come on in, I'll make you a good deal on a 727... Just say how much you want to pay.

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Beyond - Beyond Haifa...

This isn't what I ment in my speech but, is closer to waht realy happen.

(Picture was send by annonymous via email)

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shrek And His Donkey...

Look at my donkey, he's always folwing me...

chavez el asno y siniora son mi ramera
chavez es tan profundo arriba mi extremo... ¿Cómo pueda aliento?
Me (Nasrallah) as an Ogre, Chavez is the Donkey, Siniora is the B*tch, Ahmadinejad is the Moron, but lets talk about the picture...

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Even Bozo thinks he's a clown...

But as long as he keep sending me them rockets, I have to be his friend.. I mean, the dude tries, really, he sends letters to world leaders to make new friends, and none of them takes him seriously. I guess they just don't get his sense of humor..

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Bagel Blogger Reveals Hezbollah Fashion.

Bagel Blogger: From Hezbollah, Comes this Seasons must have Fashion
This is the new Hezbollah 2006 fashion line.

click here to see more designs!
click bagel
Click The Bagel!
see his post.

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Beavis And Butthead: War of Stupidity

Hey ahhh.... Beavis look at the news.. ahhh... what is piss process? ahhh...
-- ahrr.. that's peace process, Dumb-Ass!

This war sucks... ahhh... Do you think this Katyusha chick is hot?
--Ahrr... Yeah.. She's a bomb!

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

La Révolution Française [The French Revolution]

Allah est Grand (Allahu Akbar!)

Le Gars vert de Casque (Green Helmet Guy),
tourner à gauche pour une image (turn left for a photo).

French is historic Arab land.. But they don't teach you that in class. They hide behind lies and deceit. They will stop at nothing! Nothing I tell ya'... merde!

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Foot-Bomb Game - GOAL!!

Me and Flat Fatima at the footbomb game.

I told her she'll look ridiculous with that rubber thumb but she insisted on bringing it to the game. she's a real fan of "Beirut Shaheedi" Foot-Bomb team.

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Nasralla Street Song, Can You Feel The Love?

We need a rhyme for the sentence:
What I would like to say to the Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

While you're burried in your bunker,
your wife Ishtarlella(screwed around).. La La La La
La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
Nasralla La La La La...

Get out of the closet Insha'allah
I have a crush on King Absullah
That they'll get you hard Insha'allah.. without restraint.
Come on Hassan Nasralla, you piece of garbage.

La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
Oh La La La La La La
Nasralla La La La La...
Reminds me the songs of Itzik Kalla.
It's time for you to meet Allah!
Nasralla goodbye,
[you don't have any education]
they're waiting for you above.
It is only signs of Geula.
Too bad for you, your mother didn't abort !
For you, only male virgins are waiting above.
Your dress, in my opinion is realy ugly. La..

Your wife Ishtarlella.. La La La La
La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
Nasralla oh La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
Nasralla La La La La...
Insha'allah you'll get raped by King Abdullah's donkey!
La La.

La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La oh La La La...
That they'll reach a ceas-fire with all the......

A disease will come to him and take him,
paralization will come to him and blindness,
and he'll die... cliniquely death!
With the legs up..
Your wife Ishtarlella.. La La La La
La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
Nasralla oh La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La...
Nasralla oh La La La La...

Now he has a business with me,
because he scared my wife.
Nasralla, Nasralla,
Let's go to the landfill, and there we'll party La La...

There is a VIDEO CLIP too!

[clip was made by infidel TV show "night club" produced by Keshet]

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Saturday, August 19, 2006


I use to be a star footbomb player in highschool..

Bombing With Children (and women and old folks...)

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Innocent Picture Killed

Green Helmet Guy, you have a job to do!

This innocent picture was not killed by Reuters,
it was killed in an Israeli airstrike!

It is an example of the lies they spread.. Blaming Reuters for their actions.
You just can't trust the Main-Stream Media anymore..
Lies.. Lies.. Lies..

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Go Go Power Rangers....

Siniora, Yellow Ranger , Nasralla, Bomb-Magnet, Green Helmet..
The entire gang together again..

The new Zionist weapon.. it's Fang.. ahhh..

Let's pray.. with the power of Zord.. shit! I ment Allah..

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Bumper Sticker - WWMD?

What Would Muhammad Do?? [Smoke a Hooka probably..]

This is the bumper-sticker on my car, and all of my Blog readers should print this bumper-sticker and put it on their cars as well. it's the word of Allah!
If you put it on your car your sheep will give the best milk.. I promise..

do you have an answer to WWMD? make sure to comment!

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They Shall Never Find Me

I take on many faces.. no one will know who is Nasralla!

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Good Times..

There's nothing like a good beer..

Some people don't appreciate good theatre..
look at those at the back, they look like they're in a funeral!

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New Satellite Technology

We just receive new technology against the Zionist's F16s.
This unique state-of-the-art tech. is made in Lebanon.

Mr. Green Helmet Guy is not only a rescue worker and main propagandist, but also a cheep satellite replacement. we're now working on incorporating Bomb-Magnet Lady into our defense mechanism as a dual-pole magnet that can also send the bombs back.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Nasralla Song


You look like a hippopotamus
you have the brains of a bird
you may as well stay in your hole
soon you're gonna die

You are simply a complete fool
with a severe megalomania
you are the devil, or in short
you are the scum of mankind

Even if you'll launch rockets at us
or threaten the Galilee with
your friends from Syria and Iran
even if you'll drop here more katyushas
know that there's no despair here
together we will overcome the trouble

C'mon yo Nasralla
we'll screw you inshallah
we will send you back to allah
with all of the Hezbollah
C'mon yo Nasralla
go away you garbage
it's already been sentenced from above
that this is your end

You are pathethic, you are small
and you resemble an orangutan
you have lice on your beard
and soon you'll fly out of here

You are a dead coackroach, you're a skunk
you're running out of breath
the IDF is asking for you
to burn you up in fire

Even if you'l launch...

C'mon yo Nasralla...

So listen well you pathetic Hezballonchik
and be ready because soon all the IDF
with the Apachees, the F16's, the Battleships,
the missiles and the tanks, the Commando,
the Paratroopers, Golani, Giv'ati,
each and every one of them is coming to visit you!
so take a few deep breaths
and enjoy them...
because they are your last ones
you dog

C'mon yo Nasralla...

There is a VIDEO CLIP too!

[lyrics in Hebrew by Frishman and the pioneers]

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Planet of The Apes

Planet of The Apes: The next Jihad.

Me and Fatima...

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That Freaking Hurts!

The zionists couldn't hurt me in my bunker, instead they made a beating game on my face.
They hit me with boxing gloves, bare feet and iron weights.

This is could really hurt my feelings if I cared.
I hope you guys don't take part with these beatings!
I know you wouldn't want to do this me, dear blog readers, just the thought of kicking me in the face probably sickens you. right?

(beating game was found on the infidel site )

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Original Photo

Beirut was babaricly attack by Israeli UFOs

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Nasrallah wants a blog too

After Green Helmet Guy, dear friend and main propagandist of my Terror organization Hezballa, has started his own blog, and then White T-Shirt Guy also started a blog and finally my man at Reuters Adnan Hajj began giving Photoshop lessons on his blog.. I thought it's time for me, The head figure of Hezbolla, Hassan Nasralla to have a blog in which I can share my twisted view of reality with the world. your more than welcome to comment and give your two cents or 4,127,326$.. cheque is good, cash is better.. you know what, I make you a deal, do you need katyusha?

just make sure you come back... I'll be here in my bunker.

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